Kids Seat Belt Pillow As Seen On TV

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Enjoy A Peaceful Car Trip With These Plush Kids Seat Belt Pillow Pets As Seen On TV

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Are you looking to make an unforgettable surprise to your child? If so, look no further, as the kids seat belt pillow as seen on TV are ideal in any occasion. Not only your kid will be delighted by their snugness and softness, but you'll also be able to focus on your car trip with no further worries. We all know that kids, and especially the little ones, tend to get bored and fall asleep during a long car trip. That's exactly why these seat belt pillow pets were invented! Your toddler won't be asking anymore "Are we there yet?", since they will be entertained at all times by their plushy seat belt companion. 

What's more, they can be easily attached to any type of seat belt, within any type of car, so you won't have to be searching for a specific model configuration.

Kids Will Simply Love These Seat Belt Pillows

These seat pets for kids come in various models, from Mercedes the Cat to Malibu the Monkey, Edsel the Monster and many more. Thus, you only have to consider your child's preferences in terms of animation figures when selecting one. Satisfaction is guaranteed because each model is made of high-quality and durable materials, which last for several machine washes and maintain their soft appearance over a long, long time.

Get rid of the dangling heads or sore necks sensation that your kids end up from the regular seat belts. Normal seat belts are simply not created with the little ones in mind, since they're there mainly for security and not for comfort. However, these seat pets for kids there is an entirely different story. Resembling your kids' favorite characters, these special velcro-enhanced accessories which are easy to hook up scream out fun on each and every trip.

These SeatPets Can Even Be Used As A Mini Backback

A stuffed animal seat belt pillow can be attached not only to your car's seat belts, but it can also be easily strapped onto your kid's scooter, bike or travel bag. What's more, they can be used as standalone backpacks, guaranteeing that your toddler will have plenty of fun whenever he goes out to school or to the sports classes.

Another disadvantage of the normal seat belts is that they tend to never stay in place for toddlers, especially since they like to wiggle a lot. The seat belt pillow pets are able to solve this problem right away, since they are big enough to assure all the support and comfort needed. Even adults can get tired on a long car trip, so you can imagine what goes on for kids.

Kids Seat Pets Come With Pockets

It's also worthy to be noted that the seat pets for kids come with two highly convenient front-side pockets, which are ideal for storing your child's favorite toys or even a few sandwiches for the trip. In addition, they feature an innovative fully-zippered side pocket for storing a few decks of cards or a water bottle, which we all know that is essential for your kids' hydration.

Finally, these kids seat belt pets can even be used as standalone pillows on a regular bed, representing the ultimate addition for your child's peaceful sleep time. Thus, if you want to make a pleasant surprise to your little one, all you have to do is buy seat pets!