Kids Seat Belt Pillow As Seen On TV

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Surprise Your Kids With A Seat Belt Stuffed Animal

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Some children really enjoy car rides while others do not really like the experience very much. What they find is that they become bored easily and want to pass the time by falling asleep. Most parents encourage their children to fall asleep, but they often feel bad when they realize that their children may have a hard time getting comfortable in the back seat. A good solution to this problem is a stuffed seat belt animal.

What the heck is a stuffed seat belt animal? Only the greatest invention ever! Seat Belt Pets are designed to wrap around a seat belt, thereby preventing it from digging into your child’s neck. These devices also provide your child with adequate support for their head when they fall asleep. This makes the back seat area that much more comfortable and allows your child to get a good nap in.

Driving With Kids Just Got Easier!

Tired of hearing that repetitive phrase – are we there yet? Now you won’t have to listen to that any longer, you will simply hear the sweet sound of children sleeping and when you look in your rear view mirror you will see children who are completely comfortable and happy in the rear of your vehicle with their favorite stuffed seat belt animal character.

Seat Pets contain special pockets where you can place a full sized water bottle, a snack and a juice box so when your child pipes up from the back and complains that they are hungry or thirsty, you can tell them they have a drink and a snack available inside their Seat Pets.

Which Character Will You Choose?

There are seven Seat Pets to choose from, including Edsel the Monster, Love Bug the ladybug, Bentley the Dog, Lincoln the Lion, Yukon the Cow, Mercedes the Cat and Malibu the Monkey as seen on TV. It is up to you to narrow down the choice and pick just one or possibly two. Of course, if you have more than one child you will need to purchase a stuffed seat belt animal for each child to prevent arguments.

Is This Stuffed Animal Seat Belt A Safety Device?

No, Seat Belt Pets are not a safety device, but they may save your sanity! This device makes the seat belt a little more comfortable for your child who sits below the level of the seat belt line. The seat belt tends to dig into a child’s face and this can prevent that. The soft plush head of these Seat Belt Pets provides a comfy resting place for your child’s head and allows them to have a good nap.

Your child will love their Seat Pet so much that they will want to take it with them when they get out of the car. That is possible because these pets come with back pack straps that attach the pet to your child’s back pack. Now they can take their pet on the go with them, whether it is to school or over to a friend’s house. Seat belt pets are that item you have been looking for, that your child will love and that will make drives in the car more pleasant.