Kids Seat Belt Pillow As Seen On TV

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The Seat Belt Buddy Pillow Makes a Great Gift For Kids

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Every year it becomes more difficult to find unique gifts that you know that your child will love. Grandparents struggle to purchase items that they know parents will approve of and still allow their children to use. The Seat Belt Buddy is a great gift idea that will be approved by parents and loved by kids. The Seat Belt Buddy Pillow is a long soft plush strip that has a stuffed animal head on the top. This item is easily affixed to a seat belt to cover it up and gives your child a place to lay their head when they nod off in the car.

Seat Pets The Much Loved Seat Belt Cover For Kids

Every parent dreads seeing their child nod off to sleep with their head bent at an unnatural angle. They worry that their child will have a sore neck and that bending the neck at this unnatural angle will cause lifelong issues. Seat Belt Pets as seen on TV are a new device, invented by a parent (so you know it is kid-approved) for kids to use in the car. Kids will love their Seat Pets belt covers in one of these available adorable characters – Mercedes the Cat, Love Bug the Ladybug, Bentley the Dog, Yukon the Cow, Edsel the Monster, Malibu the Monkey or Lincoln the Lion.

Seat Belt Buddies are affordable, so if you have more than one child, you can order a Seat Belt Buddy for each child. Your child will enjoy using their stuffed animal seat belt cover for every car ride that they take now and in the future and you might even want to order separate pillow covers for each car. Your child will love the pillow so much that they want to take it with them when they get out of the car. That is perfectly okay, because these pillows also come with an adjustable back pack strap so that your child can attach it to their backpack.

A Fun And Comfy Ride Evertime With Seat Belt Buddies

The Seat Belt Buddy is not a safety device, but it does provide piece of mind for worried parents everywhere who are concerned that they may need to take their child to a chiropractor. Seat Belt Buddies support your child’s head and give them a place to rest their head when they fall asleep and keep them comfortable. All parents know that if their child is comfortable while they are sleeping that they will sleep longer. You will not hear those annoying pleas from the back seat – “are we there yet?” or “how much longer?”

Your child(ren) will love the independence that this Seat Belt pillow provides too. Each one of these buddy pillows has pockets along the strap that allow you to stash a water bottle, drink boxes and snacks for your child. The next time your child says that they are thirsty or hungry, you can tell them to reach into their Seat Belt Buddy Pillow and find the item that they need. Now you can get to your destination without have to make pit stops to dig for snacks and drinks because your child has all of the items that they will need within easy reach.