Kids Seat Belt Pillow As Seen On TV

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Have You Bought The Seat Belt Pets For Your Kids Yet

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You may have heard of Seat Belt Pets for Kids and if you have seen the commercial on TV, then you are already aware of how these handy devices work. They are excellent for long trips or short rides with your kids in the back of the car.

It used to be that your kids were fine at one time in the back of the car when they were babies and they were in car seats. You will recall that back then when they fell asleep and slumped over their heads were supported by the sides of the car seat and you never had to worry about their necks being sore.

Seat Belt Pets As Seen On TV Were Made By Dads For Kids

These days, now that your kids are bigger and don’t sit in a car seat, you see them fall asleep in the back seat and their head goes off to one side, their necks bent at a strange angle. What can you do to help support their necks so that they won’t have sore necks and backs? Seat Belt Pets as seen on TV are an invention of two dads especially for kids. You see, these dads was concerned that there kids’ necks were bending in unnatural ways and they wanted to do something about it. A few prototypes later, they had the answer – the Seat Belt Buddy.

Seat Belt Pets are specifically designed to fit over the seat belt to do a couple of important things. First of all, the strap part that wraps around the seat belt prevents the seat belt from digging into your child’s neck. Second, the stuffed head at the top of the Seat Belt Buddy provides your child with a place to rest their head when they fall asleep.

The Decision To Buy Seat Belt Pets Is One You Wont Regret

Children really love Seat Pets and there are seven different pets to choose from, including Love Bug the Ladybug, Lincoln the Lion, Bentley the Dog, Edsel the Monster, Malibu the Monkey, Yukon the Cow and Mercedes the Cat. No matter which one you decide to get for your child, they are sure to fall in love with it. They will be happy to get in the car and cuddle up with their Seat Belt Pets and you won’t be hearing that old familiar and annoying phrase – “Are we there yet?”

If your children want to take their stuffed animal Seat Belt pillow with them, they can! These handy little pets come with a strap that attaches to a backpack or to the front of a scooter. Your children will love their pets and will want to take them places with them, in fact they may even want to sleep with them at night. These pets are low maintenance and you won’t have to take them to the vet for shots or buy pet food. You can buy Seat Belt Pets as a gift or just because you like the idea of them, but no matter what they are a great investment for your peace of mind and for the comfort of your child. You had better buy one for each child while you are at it or there may be an argument in the back seat.